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Rendamax R600

World class high efficiency condensing boilers specially designed for today's commercial demands.

High efficiency & low emissions

Rendamax R600 range of gas–fired condensing, high efficiency, Low NOx boilers, specially designed for today’s commercial needs of high output with clean emissions, all from a compact unit. Rendamax R600 units can return outputs from 142 kW to 539kW per unit.

Sensibly engineered to allow for quick and easy maintenance without the need for specialist tools, small footprint for greater siting flexibility, Rendamax R600 boilers include a wealth of standard operating features to provide optimum efficiency and low running costs.

Rendamax R600 boilers use a downward firing pre-mix, watercooled burner that is fully variable from 25% to 100% which, combined with precise Gas to Air mixing results in ultra clean emissions in the range of < 53 mg/kWh NOx (30ppm DAF), < 19 mg/kWh CO (15 ppm DAF). This coupled with direct-onboiler weather compensation allows efficiencies in the range of 104.5% nett to be returned. The high efficiency Rendamax R600 boilers can be installed in conjunction with a variety of matched intelligent controls for either an individual appliance or a number of appliances, to optimize fuel consumption and therefore energy conservation.

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Rendamax High Efficiency Boiler

Product Features

Ultra high efficiency, fully condensing with ultra low emissions
The heat output is fully variable between 25% to 100%. This ensures the boiler output automatically matches the system demand, with optimum efficiencies of 100% nett being returned. With the use of a 100% Pre-mixed combustion process, flue emissions are kept very low at:
< 53 mg/kWh – NOx (30 ppm DAF)
< 19 mg/kWh – CO (15 ppm DAF)

Direct-on-boiler weather compensation
If required, the boiler can operate to give automatic weather variable flow temperature. This ensures optimum operating efficiencies by varying the flow temperature relative to the external weather conditions.

Comprehensive control panel (optional)
The boiler control panel includes user friendly controls, which manages the entire safety functions of the appliance, simple menu driven programming via a large LCD display, frost and summer standstill protection, and more.

Room sealed flue
As a special order, the Rendamax R600 boilers covered in this brochure can be supplied to operate as a room sealed appliance, taking air for combustion directly from outside the building. The case of the boiler is under negative pressure giving added safety.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
The Rendamax R600 range of boilers utilises a well proven Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger which is connected in sectional form, and has a water cooled Stainless Steel tubular burner.

Optional matched controls for optimum efficiency
A versatile range of matched controls are available to work in conjunction with the boilers and can provide not only room temperature control, but also independent heating and hot water time control with individual day programming.

Safety valve
The Rendamax R600 range of boilers all come supplied with 5 Bar Safety Valve factory fitted as standard.

The Stainless Steel heat exchanger carries a 5 year guarantee, all other components carry a 12 month guarantee against manufacturing or material defects.

Technical Drawings

To download a technical dimension drawing for any of the Rendamax High Efficiency Condensing Boiler range please select a model below: