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Zilmet Ultra-Pro Expansion Tank

The pressure tank ULTRA PRO is suitable for any modern installation. Can be applied to any type of irrigation pump, centrifugal pump and booster sets.

Safer, cleaner drinking water and increased efficiency

Consolidated Fire & Steam are specialists suppliers of Zilmet Ultra-Pro membrane expansion tanks for drinkable water, pumps and booster sets.

The membrane pressure tank’s usable capacity is much superior than that of a normal tank. Therefore, less footprint at equal water yield, minimum pump starts and saving in energy consumption. The wide range available, the vertical and horizontal version, galvanised and stainless steel connection flange, make Zilmet pressure tank suitable for any application. The tank is supplied already tested and certified in our factory according to the European Directive 97/23/EC. Maximum duration of the membrane is assured as the membrane itself cannot bend or rub against the plate, it is fixed above to the connection and below to the flange. Thus the tank duration is practically unlimited as the membrane can be replaced.

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Zilmet Ultra-Pro

  • The food-grade membrane is replaceable
  • Carbon steel body manufactured
  • MIG welding process eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges
  • Pressure tank has an approved for potable uses interchangeable membrane
  • Size capacities from 24 to 3000 litres, vertical and horizontal version with base as pump support
  • Galvanised Flange or stainless steel connection Flange for particularly aggressive water.
  • Specific models made for the Italian market and special range with 16 bar max. working pressure.