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Metaloterm ME Flues

The Metaloterm ME system is a modular single wall flue/chimney system, made of stainless steel with a high temperature sealing ring. Metaloterm ME is a universal flue/ chimney system which is suitable for both high and low temperatures, non-condensing and condensing applications with flue gasses in positive and negative pressure.

Quality flueing systems

It can resist a chimney fire. Therefor the system is suited for a wide range of applications such as boilers, stoves, ovens and as ventilation system. It can be used as a connection flue pipe or in renovation situations as a shaft liner.

The product range also contains a wide variety of silencers. The system can also be used for CHP applications, in this case a special VITON® sealing ring might be necessary.

  • Shaft liner in renovation projects
  • Air inlet & ventilation systems
  • Flue system for condensing heaters and boilers
  • Chimney renovation

  • Stress free thermal expansion
  • Can be connected to Metaloterm® MF
  • High quality stainless steel system
  • High temperature silicone sealing ring
  • Universal application
  • Light weight system
  • Chimney fire resistant
ApplicationChimney/Flue system/Connecting flue
Operating modeDry/wet
PressurePositive/negative pressure
Max. working pressure5000 Pa
Operating temperature600 °C negative pressure
200 °C positive pressure
Max. temperature allowed1000 °C negative pressure (max. 30 min.)
200 °C positive pressure
MaterialAISI 316L/EN 1.4404
ThicknessØ80 – Ø300: 0,5 mm
Ø350 – Ø700: 0,6 mm
Ø800 – Ø1000: 0,8 mm
Fuel typeOil/wood/coal/pellets normal (wood) gas
Sealant (N)Elastomer (in case flue gas temperatures exceed 200°C, sealants as well as the cap and sopor seals have to be removed before installation)
Inner diameter (mm)  801001131301501802002503003504004505006007008009001000
Cross section (cm2) 507910013317725431449170796212561590196328263848502763627854
Weight (kg/m) 1,51,5222,53344,55,56789,514,516,623,426